Dues are collected at the start of each season but can be staggered or sponsored. Members in need of membership financing options are encouraged to contact the club treasurer at:  treasurer@gkrfc.com or president at:  president@gkrfc.com .  Members can pay online at anytime or via check/cash at training.  

Spring 2018 Promotion!  Pay your dues before April First 2018, and you are entered in a drawing for a $250 gift card!

In addition to club dues all members are required to complete registration with USA Rugby and pay the associated fees.


The following dues apply to the 2018 calendar year.

  • Spring:$200 if paid before the first match; $225 thereafter
  • Fall  $225
  • Annual  $400

Link for Credit Card or PayPal payment:

Our Venmo handle is: @Gotham-Knights

Chase QuickPay members can send payment to:  treasurer@gkrfc.com


Non-playing members of Gotham Knights help support the club and it's mission by paying a reduced annual membership. Armory members enjoy the same benefits as playing members except they cannot participate in competitive matches and are not required to register with USA Rugby.

The following dues apply for 2018 armory members:

  • Annual $100

Membership Benefits

  • Participate in practices and competitive matches
  • Access to coaching and equipment
  • Free access to the third half for home matches
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Vote in Club Elections
  • Vote and Nominate for Order of the Blue Dragon
  • Participate in all club activities