-       Review

o   Bingham

o   Us

o   Transparency

-       Ted Report

o   Bingham Financial Report

o   Player Development Fund Cash Call

o   Ted Reimbursement

o   Player Development Fund Report

-       Summer Events

o   Party Weekend(Social)

§  Boys 7/20/18

§  Sutherland 11pm 7/21/18

o   Into to Rugby(Recruiting)

§  7pm Randall’s 7/26/18

o   Brrn workout(Social/Fitness)

§  1pm 7/28/18

§  Need more people to make it happen

o   Upstate 8/10-8/12

§  Need more people to fill out the survey monkey

§  Logistics

·      Hotel

·      Vans

·      Price

o   Bachelor Auction in August? (Fundraiser)

§  There has been a call to have this return

§  Notes from last time

·      Aim for a Friday/Saturday

·      A bar like Industry

·      Wilco has expressed interest in running this event

o   NO Dare to Bare this year

-       Tent. Schedule

o   No bye week

o   Every Saturday from 9/8/18-10/27/18

-       Google Drive

o   Minutes

o   Graphic Files

o   Documents

o   Reviews

o   Ongoing projects

-       Future fundraisers

o   Events for fall

-       Recruiting events

o   Empire GU numbers are down

-       Board Announcements

o   Rich

o   Mark

-       Board Inputs and Projects